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PART I English

Open Educational Resources and Social Networks: colearning and professional development” aims to present  significant strategies  grounded on solid theoretical and practical foundation on how OERs can be produced, reused and disseminated to promote colearning  –  collaborative open learning  –   as well as professional development.

This open educational book under Creative Commons licence is designed as an OER with reusability in mind. It will present , therefore,  not only frameworks and case studies, but also important information for readers understanding how it was produced and some suggestions about how it can be reused.

The content of this book will be available in different formats:  web, print  and tablets , with chapters in different languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Each chapter presents open educational components – images, video clips  and knowledge maps. All under open license and available in public repositories to be reused as well.

“Co-Learning” – Collaborative Open Learning through OER and Social Media
OpenScout Tool-Library Team, OU / UK

Introducing Personal Learning Environments to informal learners: lessons learned from the OpenLearn case study
Role Project, OU / UK


Appraising the transformative power of OER for learner-centred teaching
University of Mauritius / Mauritius


Openness in English Language Teaching
OU, Durham and Concordia Universities / UK


Framework to understand postgraduate students’ adaption of academics’ teaching materials as OER 
 University of Cape Town / Africa


The Open Education Evidence Hub: A Collective Intelligence Tool for Evidence Based Policy
OlNet Project, OU / UK


A business model approach for OER in Open Universities 
OUNL, Netherlands 


Institutional and Faculty Collaborations in Curriculum Development using Open Technologies & Open Content 
Tufts University , USA 


The OER university: from vision to reality 
University of Leicester, UK  


Creative Commons and the TAACCCT – developing educational and career-training program 
Creative Commons, USA